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my saturday 011011

my saturday 011011, originally uploaded by SuzeArt.

time well spent 🙂


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Mum in Million in a Meadow, originally uploaded by suesviews.

see description on Flickr (click on photo to be taken there)

sad for my absence…
glad to be beginning to feel better 🙂

hoping you haven’t all deleted me from your lists 😉

wishing you Peace, Love & Happiness xXx Suze

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Have a lovely Christmas, everyone!

Love to All xXx

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Feel, originally uploaded by SuzeArt.

My contribution for week 6 of Nancy’s Collage play.

Made in Wales 🙂 I had an unexpected and really lovely short break near Aberdovey from Thursday to Sunday. I’m posting this from Flickr and am in a bit of a rush. Back later…

Love to All xXx

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dear prudence

dear prudence, originally uploaded by SuzeArt.

another week has flown by and another song came to mind 🙂 This is what happened when I printed out the images Nance provided us with for week 4 of Collage Play with Crowabout.

Good Things that happened this week:

1) My son was given a full-time job, working for the Council. Hallelujah! Temporary for one month, but much better than sitting at home doing very little and sleeping his life away… fingers crossed, it could lead to something more permanent…

2) The sun shone! For more than 5 minutes at a time & on more than one day 🙂

3) My camera held out for another week! (It’s seriously on it’s last legs now 😦 )

Here’s to a positive, constructive week ahead…

Love to All xXx

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turned to Blue…

Angels, originally uploaded by suesviews.

Hello.  I’m still here. Hope you are too 😉

I’ve been in such a state. Still in a mess, mentally, but hanging on in there and am so glad to be typing in this box again 🙂

It’s been a strange year. I miss blogging a lot. I miss creating. I miss ME! I don’t know where I’ve been, but I do know I’ve been in a dark place.

This moment (in the photo), captured a few weeks ago now, had me floored. I sat & wept like a baby. Totally overwhelmed. I was stood in the garden of The Orchard – the beautiful surroundings that were to be my home and are now my ‘office’. Bittersweet beauty. I’m getting there…

Life is Beautiful, even while we’re not appreciating it…

Love to All xXx

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…so I thought I’d remind myself! 😉

Well, if the rest of the year flies by as quickly as January did, I think I’d better start working on my Christmas list! lol 😀 Seriously, time is flying by… I hope your days are filled with Love and that I’ll find time to write a proper post soon! I have a lot to talk about, but am trying to adjust to many new situations at the moment. I’ll get there…!!

Have a wonderful week ahead, everyone. Don’t forget the Pancakes on Tuesday! 😉

Love to all xXx

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