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wisp o’ the willow, originally uploaded by suesviews.

Here’s my latest artwork 🙂 A photo that I manipulated digitally, making time for some art therapy. It’s been a busy time lately and I can feel myself becoming overwhelmed…

This week there has been someone at the house every day, all day and I find it exhausting. I hadn’t realised how much I depended on the peace & quiet surrounding me, along with a sort of routine that I had begun to build up. I’ve been getting up very early & trying to get through a ‘working day’, but have realised that I am nowhere near ready to do anything for 8 hours at a time! Except, perhaps, taking photographs 😉

Whatever I do, I need a constant supply of tea & tobacco. That’s not good. No willpower, me 😦 The only time I can go without either for a stretch of time is while I’m asleep… I could sleep for weeks at the moment. The weather isn’t helping. There’s been a roof of low cloud hanging over the valley for over a week now & I need to see the sun shining again, in a beautiful blue sky….

Having no transport & barely enough money to keep the bills paid is driving me mad, too. SO, I am having this image professionally printed as notecards & hope to start selling them, amongst others I hope, as soon as possible. Probably on Etsy…

We shall see…. 🙂


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My goodness, these pages inspired by the Soul Journal Group have been a little adventure in their own right already.  I’m going to have to learn to go at my own pace here, as I can already feel a bit of tension building up when I see the new projects being posted, yet am being sent spiralling into deep thought by the formation of the first few pages. I need to take my time here…

I’ve worked on the first 3 prompts more or less at the same time, in a bit of a jumble.  First, I completed the ‘Permission Slip’ page…

I made my envelope the wrong way round (I liked this picture & wanted it to show), so had to improvise when it came to sticking it on the page! Inside the envelope is my actual permission slip.  I gave myself all sorts of permission and got quite carried away! 🙂 I also sprinkled a few stars that were left over from my boy’s 18th birthday celebrations earlier this year. I love them, they’re so tiny & shiny! 🙂

…then I began the Instant Gratification piece which I enjoyed focusing on & found it much easier to work on than the other two! (Which tells you something about me straight away! ;-))

I very much enjoyed colouring this page in with pencil crayons – a soothing process 🙂

The most challenging so far, for me, has been the ‘Lost & Found’ prompt. I’ve had this page going on in the background for about two weeks & had to leave it for a while as I got a bit overwhelmed. I came back to it last night & just started writing on it – I’d been forgetting it was a journal page & that I’m ‘allowed’ to do anything I want on it!  Getting uptight about following ‘the rules’ is something that creates unnecessary anxiety & holds me back in Life as well as Art, I realise…

I’m not sure that this is finished yet. I’ll more than likely come back to it again. The subject of Lost & Found really got me thinking, though.  No one gets through life without going through loss of some sort, and I’ve been relatively lucky compared to many, I’m sure.  The loss of an old friend a few weeks ago now had already set me off on a nostalgic, reminiscent train of thought. At the time of loss our senses become heightened, it seems. We are more aware of the fleeting & precious nature of our own lives….

Part of the prompt for Lost & Found was to pick up found objects throughout a day.  I took a walk to the local shop and found so many feathers, I was surprised.  Since then I have noticed feathers everywhere!  I even found the most beautiful drawings of feathers in an old magazine I was looking through and was able to use them to represent all the real feathers I have collected over the last week or so.  Something magical about them, and inspiration for a future project, I think..

This is the most productive I’ve been in a long time, and I love it! 🙂 I hope there’s something in these pages that inspires you in some way…

For now, have a great weekend all. I’ve run out of puff on this post! 😉

Love to All xXx Suze xXx

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Soul Journal 1, originally uploaded by SuzeArt.

Hello Lovelies 🙂

Huge thanks to all of you for your very kind & supportive messages after my last post. Things are settling down a little now, after an emotional rollercoaster of a week…

I took a brave step this week and committed myself to the Soul Journal Group. I’ve only just started following the prompts, but have thoroughly enjoyed myself so far.

This piece you see in the photo is the result (so far) of the ‘Instant Gratification’ prompt for week 1 (Links to the info are on the group’s home page). I’m a bit behind as yet, but it doesn’t matter… the journey is the important thing, and the fact that I have produced something every week for the last couple of months (thanks to Nance for that!) is such a huge bonus! 🙂

I’m rushing this post (again!) as I’ve had the morning off work waiting for a plumber & have to go & get some work done now! Back soon, I hope!

Love to All xXx Suze xXx

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I’ve just changed browsers, to Safari for Windows, and wonder if that’s why I can only see a thumbnail photo on this post? (It also seems to have affected the formatting for the text, so bear with me please)’hope it works for you, and that you can see my Thanks 🙂  I drew this in my brand new, first ever Moleskine sketchbook (large, if you don’t mind! ;-)) ~ I had heard of and even seen pictures of these ‘Moleskine’ books for years, via blogs, etc, and had found them to be both extremely elusive and uncomfortably expensive. I gave up on searching and decided the whole moleskine thing was all a tad on the snobbish side 😦 (that’s how I convinced myself that I didn’t want one, anyway 😉 )Imagine my surprise then, when I go to a big office supplies warehouse to get work-related stuff, only to find a little rack of moleskine journals for sale at a reduced rate! Not only had I never seen one in real life before, but here they were at a price I could even afford! Knowing that Angels were with me, I chose the large sketchbook and couldn’t wait to get home :-)The top photo is of the first drawing I did in it, just after receiving the most amazing package of gifts from our dear friend Karen, who has been on a seriously creative and very generous roll for the whole time I’ve known her! Bless you, Karen xIt is meant for all of you who have stayed with me during this extremely confusing and introverted period of my life. It’s a strange one. I find myself saying very little a lot. Too much thinking going on, but I have become addicted to my moleskine! I am so glad, as I was beginning to wonder about me and creativity…. we seem to be making friends again lately 🙂  I have a lot of photo’s to show you, but I’m still feeling a bit shy after my long silence, as well as too tired to wait for them to upload at the minute.  I’ll be back with a vengeance before long, I’m sure! 😉  I’ve been plodding along quietly on Flickr and got a bit obsessed with the beautiful hellebores that are in the garden at The Orchard. My place of work, as it is now. I am so fortunate to have found employment and to work in such beautiful surroundings. It is going to be spectacular in a week or so, I’ll be surrounded by Cherry Blossom soon :-)) There are hundreds of tiny forget-me-nots flowering in the beds in the garden – I love them. They epitomise the childhood image of a flower, are so very tiny and such a beautiful colour combination.  I must find you a photo ……                          ….. that one was taken on Sunday morning. Beautiful sunshine that day 🙂 Waiting for some more now…. For now, I need some sleep, and to go play in my journal! ‘back soon, with more photo’s 😀 Thank you xXx  

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just so’s you know! that’s little me, playing with my camera for the first time in a week!!! I thought I’d go mad!
Now I’m thinking of Thumper and the words that have stuck in my mind ever since the first time I watched Bambi, many, many moons ago….. “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say nothing at all…” and, as everything I try to say is turning into a negative, I think I should get myself off to bed…

The weather has been glorious here all weekend. Absolutely beautiful. I felt like a newly-released prisoner (after having been stuck indoors against my will for two whole weeks now, and another to go…) and took LOADS of photo’s! Hope to share some with you soon.

Here’s hoping for a wonderful week ahead for us all 😀

Love to All xXx Suze xXx

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